About Dhammagiri

​       Dhammagiri is a Theravada Buddhist forest monastery associated with the         tradition of Ajahn Chah. It aims to transcend today's bewildering                         confusion of Buddhist gurus, dogmas and techniques by returning to the             original teachings of the Buddha as found in the early parts of the Pali                 canon and in the living practice of the great meditation masters in the                 Forest Tradition.   

  • The primary purpose of Dhammagiri is to provide suitable living conditions  for a small number of monks to cultivate their meditative practice, with an    emphasis on quiet contemplation and study in solitary cabins ('Kutis').


       To support those who wish to train themselves according to the original               instructions given by the Buddha himself, Dhammagiri also provides:


  • Dhamma talks and guided meditations by experienced senior monks,   including visits by some of the most outstanding meditation masters of our  time

  • Live audio and video streaming and recordings of these teachings via a        variety of apps and internet platforms, as well as free distribution books  and a lending library

  • Advice and spiritual guidance for lay visitors on how to apply the ageless wisdom of the Buddha to the challenges of daily life in the 21st century

  • Daily opportunities to offer almsfood and requisites to the resident sangha, and to share merits with departed ones

  • Secluded accommodation for a few lay guests to experience monastic life temporarily on retreats


       Located on 85 acres in a serene, natural environment amid forested hills             adjoining D’Aguilar National Park, yet only 45 mins drive from Brisbane               CBD, Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage provides us with ideal conditions to             follow the Buddha’s advice:

        There are these trees, there are these empty huts -
​        Do not be negligent, but meditate!”

         (The Buddha, Majjhima Nikaya #106/M ll 266)