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On our channel 'Dhammagiri Buddhist Podcasts', we now have some 300 podcasts available:

  • Dhamma Talks & Discussions

  • Buddhist Chanting

  • Sutta Recitations

  • Guided Meditations

  • Sutta Explorations

Together, they cover a very wide range of subjects, from introductory material to advanced points of Dhamma.

                🔊 👂                   🎧

Listen on your preferred podcast app, or in your browser, by clicking on the links:

Spotify is our main platform. It's the only one where we can publish 'playlists' to organize chanting, guided meditations, and other categories neatly together.

Below are the blog entries with playlists for:

  • Our most popular Buddhist Chanting

  • The 25 best Guided Meditations

We plan to publish more playlists in the future.


"Just as a deep lake is clear and still,
So on hearing the teachings
The wise become serene"

The Buddha, Dhammapada Verse #82

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