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Ajahn Chah Memorial Day - Sun 18 June

Ajahn Chah Commemoration Wat Nong Pah Pong Stupa Chedi Remembrance

Ajahn Moneyyo will offer some reflections on occasion of Ajahn Chah's birthday during our regular Sunday program on 18th June. Ever since his passing, the monks in the lineage of Ajahn Chah are gathering every year on the date of his birthday, 17th of June, and on the day of his passing, 16th of January. They all come together to remember our teacher Ajahn Chah with gratitude ('kataññū-katavedī'), and to express that gratitude in the form the teacher would appreciate most; i.e. by practising his teaching. The Buddha himself explained that:

"Whichever monk, Ananda, or nun, or male or female lay disciple lives practising the Dhamma in line with the Dhamma, pratises properly and conducts himself according to Dhamma, that person honours, respects, revers and worships the Tathāgatā with the supreme form of worship."

[Dīgha Nikāya/Long Discourses #16.5, 'Mahāparinibbānasutta''

"A person of integrity, monks, is grateful and acknowledges what has been done for him. His virtue can be recognized by exactly this quality, namely gratitude and appreciation. That belongs entirely to the sphere of persons of integrity, namely gratitude and appreciation of what has been done for them."

[Anguttara Nikāya/Numerical Discourses of the Buddha, Twos #32]

A booklet with short introduction to his life & teachings can be downloaded here:

Senior monks who have personally trained with Ajahn Chah share their recollections of living together with him in this booklet:


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