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New Solar Power System for the Aggasāla on top of Dhammagiri Hill

New solar panels and storage battery are being installed at the Aggasāla on top

of Dhammagiri Hill. This system will provide a significant reduction in the monastery’s power costs, aid environmental protection due to reduced consumption of grid power, provide power for essential functions available even

if grid power fails, and protection against uncertain future scenarios with high inflation, increasing electricity costs, and extreme weather events.

The cost of this project is $15,036 including installation

If you wish to contribute to this fund, you can do so by choosing from one of the options listed on the website donation page. Simply indicate 'Solar Power Project' together with your donation. If you wish to get a receipt, please also provide name & email address.

​We count on your ongoing support for projects at Dhammagiri.

Anumodanā for your kind generosity.

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