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Sun., 4th June - Poson Poya - One Day Full Moon Retreat

On Sunday, 4th of June we have our next One Day Full Moon Retreat, remembering Poson Poya, the introduction of the Sāsanā (Buddhism) to Sri Lanka by Arahant Mahinda and his six companions. They met King Devanampiya Tissa at Mihinthale mountain, and introduced the Dhamma first to him and his entourage, and then to ever larger numbers of the population in the royal capital of Sri Lanka, Anurādhapura.

08.30 am Arrival of Participants at the Dhammahall and quiet meditation

09.00 am Taking of Triple Refuge and

8 Precepts/5 Precepts,

Guided Meditation

10.00 am Preparation of food for almsofferings

10.30 am Almsoffering, Blessing

& Shared Meal

11.50 am Dhamma Reflection on Poson Poya

'Introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka'

01.00 am Break/Walking Meditation

01.30 pm Chanting/Silent Meditation

02.30 pm Break/Walking Meditation

03.00 pm Chanting, Guided Meditation

& Dhamma-discussion

05.00 pm End of Program

  • Out of consideration to those practising meditation all day, please observe noble silence near the Dhammahall on Full Moon Retreat Days.

  • The ceremony at 9.00 am includes options for taking either 8 or 5 precepts.

  • It is possible to attend only parts of the program, but please be seated in the Dhammahall at least 15 mins before start of sessions


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