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Refuge and Precepts

Saturday 7:30am
Full Moon Sunday 9:00am

There is an opportunity to take refuge and the 5 or 8 precepts every

Saturday at 7:30 am and during our Full Moon Practice Day at 9:00 am

on the Sunday closest to the full moon. Click for future full moon dates

These ceremonies are not only for those observing 8 precepts as there

is the option to take the 5 precepts instead (what one might call the

minimum requirement or basic moral code for Buddhist laymen and

laywomen). Following the affirmation of taking refuge, the person then

recites the Eight or Five Precepts. The Precepts aren't commandments,

but principles to live by. 


"By abstaining from the destruction of life...from taking what is not given...from sexual misconduct...from lying...from alcohol and intoxicants the noble disciple gives to immeasurable beings freedom from fear, hostility and oppression. By giving to immeasurable beings freedom from fear, hostility and oppression, he himself will enjoy immeasurable freedom from fear, hostility and oppression."

- The Buddha in Anguttara Nikaya 8:39

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