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Refuge and Precepts

Every Saturday 07:30 am

Full Moon Sunday 09:00 am



There is an opportunity to take the Triple Refuge and the 5 or 8 precepts every Saturday at 07:30 am, and on the Sunday closest to the full moon at 09:00 am for the one day retreat.

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The ceremony is conducted by Ajahn Dhammasiha, Ajahn Moneyyo, or another experienced senior monk.

The precepts are not commandments, but 'training steps' ('sikkhā-pada') that one voluntary undertakes to protect oneself and others from harm, and to purify one's heart.

The act of going for refuge to Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha is a voluntary decision, not something imposed or demanded by the Buddha. Is is the natural result of ones faith and/or understanding that practising the teaching of the Buddha will gradually free us from suffering.

If you have been interested in Buddhism for some time, and perhaps like to make a more formal commitment, these ceremonies are a good opportunity.

After the refuge and precepts ceremony, there is opportunity for questions on meditation, followed by quiet individual meditation, and then at 10.30 am the regular almsoffering, shared meal, and Dhamma discussion.



"By abstaining from:

  1. the destruction of life

  2. taking what is not given

  3. sexual misconduct

  4. lying

  5. alcohol and intoxicants

the noble disciple gives to immeasurable beings freedom from fear, hostility and oppression.

By giving to immeasurable beings freedom from fear, hostility and oppression, he himself will enjoy immeasurable freedom from fear, hostility and oppression."

The Buddha in Anguttara Nikaya/Numerical Discourses,

Book of Eights #39

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