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EVERY SATURDAY 7:30am - 1:00pm

Our Saturday program features:


7:30 am

Morning Chanting

Taking Refuge and Precepts

Q&A on Meditation Practice

8:30 am

Open Meditation Session

Quiet Sitting Meditation in Dhamma Hall

Or Walking Meditation on Verandahs, Patio or Grass

10.00 am

Preparing for Almsoffering

10:30 am

Offering of Almsfood, Blessing and Shared Meal


11:45 am

Dhamma Discussion / Q&A with Ajahn Dhammasiha

or other experienced Senior Monks

01.00 pm

End of Program


(Sometimes close supporters of Dhammagiri stay longer in the afternoon quietly meditating)


  • Out of consideration for those meditating in shrine room and outside, please maintain Noble Silence between sessions.


  • ​Visitors are requested not to use cameras, mobile phones, or similar electronic devices (tablets, laptops, games) in or ​around the Dhammahall.

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Venerable Bhante Dhammasiha Abbot Dhammagiri Buddha Statue Shrineroom
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