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Monasteries Worldwide in the
Lineage of Ajahn Chah 


Buddha Bodhivana Monastery
A large monastery located in East

Warburton, about one and a half

hours from Melbourne.
Abbot: Ajahn Kalyano

Wat Buddha Dhamma 
A remote monastery located in

Dharug National Park, New South

Wales, outside of Sydney.
Abbot: Ajahn Khemavaro

Dhammagiri Forest Monastery
A quiet monastery located adjacent

to a National Park in the hills on the

outskirts of Brisbane.
Abbot: Ajahn Dhammasiha

Vimokkharam Forest Hermitage
A small hermitage in the

Dandenong Ranges of Melbourne.
Abbot: Ajahn Hasapañño

Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery
A branch of Wat Marp Jan about

an hour outside of Sydney.
Abbot: Ajahn Varadhammo

Bodhipāla Monastery
A new monastery near Adelaide
Abbot: Ajahn Nyanadipo


Suddhavari Buddhist Monastery 

Another emerging monastery,

located near the small hill city of

São Lourenço, Minas Gerais State,

Abbot: Ajahn Mudito


Tisarana Buddhist Monastery
Located near Perth, Ontario
Abbot: Ajahn Viradhammo.


Arrow River Forest Hermitage
A small hermitage in Thunder

Bay, Ontario.
Abbot: Ajahn Punnadhammo.

Sitavana (Birken Forest Monastery)
A monastery and retreat centerin remote British Columbia.
Abbot: Ajahn Sona.


Muttodaya Waldkloster
A forest monastery not far from

Nuremberg in Germany,

with websites in German, English

and Thai.
Abbot: Ajahn Cattamalo.


Santacittarama Monastero
Located near Rome in Italy.

Three main languages: Italian,

Thai, and English.
Abbot: Ajahn Chandapalo.


Established by Ajahn Sumedho

already in the mid-eighties, near

Abbot: Ajahn Kusalo

Vimutti Buddhist Monastery
Located outside of Auckland.
Abbot: Ajahn Chandako


Lokuttara Vihara (Skiptvet

Buddhist Monastery)
A recently established forest

monastery in Norway, not far

from Oslo.
Abbot: Ajahn Kalyano.


Located near Lisbon, Portugal.
Abbot: Ajahn Vajiro


Dhammapala Kloster
Located in Kandersteg, Switzerland,

surrounded by towering mountains.

Main languages are German and

English. Annual newsletters are also

produced in French and Thai.
Abbot: Ajahn Abhinando.


Amaravati Buddhist Monastery 
The largest Western monastery in

our tradition, near London, with

communities of monks and nuns,

and a retreat center.

Founded by Ajahn Sumedho.
Abbot: Ajahn Amaro.

UNITED KINGDOM (continued)


(Chithurst Buddhist Monastery) 
The first Ajahn Chah forest

monastery outside of Thailand.

Founded by Ajahn Chah and

Ajahn Sumedho, with communities

of monks and nuns.
Abbot: Ajahn Ahimsako.

Aruna Ratanagiri

(Harnham Buddhist Monastery)
A monastery established already

in the

1980s, in Northumberland, near

the Scottish border.
Abbot: Ajahn Munindo.

Hartridge Buddhist Monastery 
A small monastery in the Devon

Abbot: Ajahn Jutindharo.

The Forest Hermitage

(Wat Pah Santidhamma) 
A hermitage already established in

the 1980s, in Warwickshire, England.
Abbot: Ajahn Khemadhammo.

Milntuim Hermitage 
In Perthshire, Scotland, is a place

where nuns can live in a female

community or on solitary retreat.
Abbess: Ajahn Candasiri.


Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery
A large training monastery in

California near San Francisco, the

first to be established in North

Co-Abbots: Ajahn Karunadhammo,

Ajahn Nyaniko
Founding Abbot: Ajahn Pasanno.

Pacific Hermitage 
A branch of Abhayagiri in the Pacific

Abbot: Ajahn Sudanto.

Temple Forest Monastery (Jetavana)
An emerging monastery in Temple,New Hampshire, not far from Boston.
Co-Abbots: Ajahn Jayanto, Ajahn Anando.


The Aranya Vihara Trust has a meditation center in New Delhi and is starting a monastery, Saṅghārāma, near Rampur Gainda, district Yamunanagar, Haryana.

NB: The above are links to Western monasteries that consider themselves as part of the tradition of Ajahn Chah, as far as we are aware of. The list has no claim to completeness, there may be other monasteries that are simply unknown to us.




N.B.: There are hundreds of branch monasteries of the Ajahn Chah tradition in Thailand. The following is only a selection of those with long established practice of Western monks staying and training there.

Wat Nong Pah Pong 

This is the main monastery for the Ajahn Chah

community, the original monastery established

by Ajahn Chah himself, near Ubon Rajathani.

The website is in Thai only.
Abbot: Ajahn Liem

Wat Pah Nanachat 

The ‘International Forest Monastery’.

Wat Pah Nanachat was established by Ajahn Chah,

who asked Ajahn Sumedho to be the first abbot.

Located a few miles from Wat Pah Pong, it is the

main monastery in Thailand for Western monks

in the Ajahn Chah community.
Abbot: Ajahn Kevali.

Wat Marp Jan

A large monastery in Rayong Province, which also
accepts Westerners who wish to ordain as monks.
Abbot: Ajahn Anan

Wat Boonyawad

A large monastery in Chonburi Province,

whichalso accepts Westerners who wish

to become monks.
Abbot: Ajahn Dtun

Wat Ratanawan

Located in Korat Province, with English-

speaking monks living and training alongside

Thai monks.
Abbot: Ajahn Nyanadhammo

Anandagiri Forest Monastery

Located in Petchabun Province, with English-

speaking monks living and training alongside

Thai monks.
Abbot: Ajahn Achalo

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