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"Good Karma is a Synonym for happiness"

  The Buddha, Itivuttaka #22


Ongoing Support


The monastery would not survive without the ongoing volunteer support for various tasks and professional services: gardening, transportation, publishing, recording teachings, administration, IT services, bookkeeping, landscaping, and construction - to list some examples.


If you would like to volunteer your support please contact the Volunteer Coordinator clicking the button below.




Working Bees


As there are no permanent lay residents, occasionally a particularly large work load will develop and Dhammagiri will host a 'Working Bee'. These days provide the greater lay community an opportunity to come out and support the monastery, with a central theme as well as many smaller projects during a full day work session. 

Please feel welcome to come for all or part of the day and join us for the meal offering.

Upcoming working bees are announced on our News Blog, please click button below to see all recent news.

Volunteers Buddhist Monastery
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