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Dhammagiri Saturdays

Every Saturday our Program Features:

7:30 am

Morning Chanting

Taking Refuge in Triple Gem

Observing 8 or 5 Precepts

Q&A on Meditation

8:30 am

Open Meditation Session

Sitting in Meditation Hall,

or Walking on Verandahs or Grass

(individual, not guided)

10:30 am


Blessing and Anumodanā

Shared Lunch

11:50 am

Dhamma Discussion

(With Ajahn Dhammasiha, Ajahn Moneyyo,

or other resident or visiting experienced senior monks)

01.00 pm

End of public program

(Sometimes, close supporters of Dhammagiri stay

for another 2 or 3 hours quietly meditating)

  • Please consider those meditating in the Shrine Room by maintaining a quiet atmosphere between sessions

  • Visitors are requested not to use cameras, mobile phones, or similar electronic devices (tablets, laptops, games) in or ​around the Dhammahall.


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