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Meditation Retreat Brisbane


Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage is primarily a residence for Bhikkhus (Buddhist monks) in the
lineage of Ajahn Chah and comparable lineages in the wider Theravada Forest Tradition. ​Dhammagiri does not host group retreats. However, it is possible for individual male or two female lay people to stay for short or long periods and share in the monastic experience. As there are no permanent lay residents to organise or oversee retreats, a degree of self direction and an established meditation practice are required of retreatants. Guests observe the 8 Precepts  throughout their stay without exception.



Male guests are usually accommodated in Kutis (small huts) isolated in the forest at the top
of Dhammagiri hill and can retreat alone. To organise a retreat, please see the guidelines and application form or phone the office between 7:00am and 9:00am.​​




Female guests are accommodated in individual rooms in the main house at the bottom of the
hill with shared bathroom and toilet facilities. There must be two females on retreat at the same time. It is preferred that you arrange a co-retreatant yourself. However, if unable to do that, our retreat coordinator for females may be able to help you find one. Please contact her via:

To organise a retreat, please see the guidelines and application form.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Dhammagiri
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