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Travel Fund for Sangha

As well as the resident sangha, over the years Dhammagiri has hosted many well-known local and overseas senior and junior monks, whose visits have been spiritually uplifting experiences for all.


The monastery incurs substantial costs in financing the flight tickets, visas, documents and insurance for all these venerable monks. It is only due to your generous donations that we have been able to cover these expenses, and we would like to extend our anumodana to all those who have contributed over the years. To continue supporting such highly revered senior meditation masters at Dhammagiri, training opportunities for junior monks, and the resident Sangha, we entirely depend on your support.


To enable our donors to direct their donations specifically for this highly meritorious purpose, we have now established a special fund used only for the necessary travel expenses to have monks from various countries of our global tradition visiting Dhammagiri. Your donations will be used to purchase flight tickets, visas, insurance and associated costs.

If you wish to contribute to this fund, please click on the 'DONATE' button below, and choose one of the payment options listed on the website donation page.


Indicate 'Travel Fund for Sangha' together with your donation. If you wish to get a receipt, please provide your name & email address.

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