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Visiting Dhammagiri

Theravada Buddhism Forest Trtaditio



Opening Hours

The monastery is open every day of the week. Except for 7:00 am Dana Days, visitors wishing to make food offerings should arrive by 10:00 am to prepare for

the Almsoffering at 10:30 am, after which a blessing is given in appreciation of the donors’ generosity. All are then invited to share in the day’s meal.


After helping clean-up, visitors are welcome to return to the Shrine Room at 11:50 am, where Ajahn Dhammasiha or another experienced senior monk will give a Dhamma talk or lead a Dhamma discussion, and be available to receive questions relating to Dhamma practice. Additional programs and times can be seen on the calendar.

Some Guidelines

The rules for Theravada monks require that they do not touch members of the opposite sex. Therefore, you can greet them by holding your palms together in the praying position instead of shaking their hands. Visiting lay people are not bound by the rules for monastics.  You can interact with them as you would with any friend or acquaintance.


Lay visitors are also requested to dress modestly when visiting - please no shorts for men or women or dresses above the knees or low necklines.


Visitors are also requested not to use mobile phones, cameras, or similar electronic devices (tablets, laptops, games) in or around the Dhammahall.​

Please do not visit Dhammagiri if you have any symptoms of Covid or Flu.

Thank you for your understanding. May you enjoy your visit to Dhammagiri.



You may also be interested in reading a detailed guide written for lay people on monastic Vinaya: Discipline and Convention



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