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Ajahn Dhammasiha Pictures & Travel Itinerary 16 May to 22 June UK & Germany

Updated: 6 days ago

Click here to see the latest photos of monasteries, monks and Dhamma activities taken during my travels.

Just two images I really like as example, click on image to see more:

Prajnyaparamita Statue Cittaviveka Chithurst Monastery Ajahn Dhammasiha

Exquisite Prajñāpāramitā Statue

crafted by Ex-Ajahn Vimalo in intricate detail,

located in the Dhamma Hall at Citteviveka Monastery,

eastern end opposite the main Buddharupa.

Almsround Pindapata German Town Kulmbach Buddhist Monk

My Father offering Alms

to Ajahn Cattamalo in Picturesque

German small Town Kulmbach


Looking forward to being back 🛬 and telling you more on Saturday 22 June for the meal offering at Dhammagiri!

aj dhs 😊


Ajahn Dhammasiha's detailed itinerary for his travels in May and June 2024 is as follows:

🔶 Thu 16 May

14:45 Departure Brisbane International Airport,

Singapore Airlines SQ 236 to Singapore SIN & London LHR

(Fri 17 May) 05:55 am Arrival London Heathrow LHR, Terminal 2,

SQ 322 from Singapore SIN

🔶 Fri 17 May to Wed 22 May

The weekend 18/19 May, Amaravati holds the combined celebrations of Vesak and the Ācariya Pūja on occasion of Luang Por Sumedho's 90th birthday

LP Sumedho is Ajahn Chah's most senior Western disciple, and currently (to the best of my knowledge) the most senior Western Theravada Buddhist Monk in the world (I would guess he's actually the most senior Western monk in any Buddhist tradition, though not sure on that)

🔶 Wed 22 May to Mon 03 June:

With Father/Family in Hannover and Berlin

🔶 Mon 03 June Evening to Mon 10 June Morning:

Muttodaya Waldkloster, Bavaria near Bayreuth, Germany

Father is still travelling together with me (though not staying in the monastery).

Hope that he can witness us monks going amsround in one of the towns near to the monastery.

🔶 Mon 10 June Evening to Thu 13 June Noon:

Cittaviveka Monastery, Chithurst, Hampshire, UK

The first monastery in our tradition of Ajahn Chah in the West, established in 1979.

🔶 Thu 13 June evening to Thu 20 June evening:

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Joining the commemoration of Ajahn Chah's birthday on 17th June,

and connecting with the large monastic sangha there,

at a time when it's less busy than at the big event 4 weeks earlier.

🔶 Thu 20 June night:

22:05 Departure London Heathrow LHR,

Singapore Airlines SQ 321 to Singapore and Brisbane

🔶 Sat 22 June 2024 morning

06:55 am Arrival Brisbane BNE,

Singapore Airlines SQ 235 from Singapore

I'll hopefully be back at Dhammagiri just in time for almsoffering 10:30 am 😊



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