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Colleges Crossing is now open.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Stumers road at Mount Crosby weir remains closed.

Kholo road and bridge from Ipswich to Dhammagiri is open.

Please check for latest road closures and severe weather warnings on the official government website, which shows map with all road closures:

Please do not take any risks, do not drive into floodwaters under any circumstance.

Anumodanā to the 150 people who still came out to our robe offering ceremony in the heavy weather last Sunday!

Although it was raining buckets all the time, we all had a fantastic time with our hearts 💖 bright and radiant 🌞 with joy in the Dhamma 😊

If you missed it due to the bad weather, video of cermony is available on our youtube channel:

Paritta Chanting is already up on our podcast in high quality audio.

And here is Luang Por's Dhammatalk on Spotify (and various other podcast platforms:



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