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Dhammagiri T-Shirt - Available Daily for Free as Long as Stocks Last

Updated: 6 days ago

Ajahn Dhammasiha Bhante Balangoda Nyanananda Distributing Dhammagiri T-Shirt

Ven Balangoda Nyanananda,

Abbot of Tanjantenne Monastery in Sri Lanka,

Joined us for this auspicious occasion

After our first batch of 100 tees was gone very quickly, we have now released the second batch of some 300 t-shirts (including some Polo shirts ☺️).

Ajahn Moneyyo is back from Sri Lanka, and he will continue to give out the tees every day for free distribution, as long as stocks last.

Ajahn Dhammasiha and Ajahn Moneyyo have only a few days 'overlap' at Dhammagiri, before Ajahn Dhammasiha departs on 16th May afternoon for Amaravati on occasion of Luang Por Sumedho's 90th birthday celebrations (you can see his detailed itinerary here)


We live in a world dominated by all kinds of wordly brands and logos, and frequently people wear these symbols printed onto their clothes right above their heart.

We want to offer an opportunity to wear something more meaningful, that sends a powerful Dhamma message to everyone who sees you in your shirt. So we have chosen the design of the shirts very carefully:

Dhammagiri Free Distribution T-shirt Front and Back View

On the front, we have the twelve spoked Dhammacakka (Dhamma Wheel), representing the Four Noble Truths in their threefold aspects.

On the back, we have depicted a 'Tiratana', an ancient Indian symbol of the Triple Gem, that one can find on early Buddhist monuments and artwork.

  • The top of the symbol represents the Triple Gem of Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha.

  • Below that (the little triangular structures sticking out to the sides) is a 'Vajira', the Thunderbolt, a mythological weapon of Indra. It symbolizes the power of wisdom capable of destroying defilements like a flash of lightning.

  • Below that is an 8-petelled lotus. The lotus represents purity, the ability to raise our heart above the pollution of worldly attachements, and become beautiful, fragrant and pure. The eight petals, and the rounded shape, remind us of an eightfold Dhammacakka representing the Noble Eightfold Path

  • The writing in Pali (language of the Buddha) says: "Buddhaṃ, Dhammaṃ, Sanghaṃ Saraṇaṃ Gacchāmi!" "I take refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha!" This short, simple statement is nevertheless very powerful. If we truly commit to the Triple Gem, we're also committing to:

    • Kindness

    • Generosity

    • Compassion

    • Virtue, in particular keeping the 5 Precepts

    • Calmness, Tranquility & Meditation

    • Awareness, Mindfulness, Wisdom, Insight, Knowledge, Understanding

Anumodanā to everyone who contributed to the design, manufacture and cost of our tees, helping that we can give them out for free distirbution 😊

(By the way, though some supporters like to wear their tees when visiting Dhammagiri, our original intention is to wear them primarily outside the monastery.

Those visiting Dhammagiri are usually already connected with the Dhamma, but those lost in worldy life outside the monastery need to see these uplifting symbols the most!)

We've also done new recordings of our Refuge & Precepts Ceremony, seperate for 5-Precepts and for 8-Precepts.

Hopefully, people will not only wear the tees, but actually do really take refuge in their heart as well 😊


Devotees very happy with the New Dhammagiri T-Shirts




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