Every Day Alms Offering, Blessing, and Dhamma Discussion

Buddhist Meditation


Offering food to the monastic community provides an opportunity to visit and participate in the lifestyle of the monastery. The monks eat one main meal a day in late morning, which they are required to finish by midday. Everyone is welcome to join the program on

any day and to bring food to offer to the monks and to share with other lay visitors.

Except 7:00am Dana days, Calendar | Dhammagiri the best time to arrive

is 10:00 am to set out food for the 10:30am Almsoffering. There is a microwave for heating, but otherwise dishes should be pre-prepared ready to eat, as the monks take the food into their bowls to be eaten immediately.

A senior monk is available for a talk and discussion after the meal, usually at 11:45 am.


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