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Every Day Alms Offering, Blessing & Dhamma Discussion

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Dana Generosity Almsfood Giving to Bhikkhus Buddhist Monks Shared Meal

Daily Offering of Dana

Offering food to the monastic community provides an opportunity to make good karma ('puññā') through generosity, and to share merits with departed loved ones.

The monks eat one main meal a day in late morning, which they are required to finish by midday. Everyone is welcome to join the program on any day and to bring food to offer to the monks, and to share with other lay visitors.

Best time to arrive is 10.00 am to get prepared in time for the almsround at 10.30 am.

  • Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue & Thu almsoffering is always 10.30 am

  • However, Wednesday and Friday almsfood is sometimes offered already at 7:00 am. You can check dates of early days at Calendar | Dhammagiri

If you have never been to Dhammagiri before, the meal offering at 10.00 am is usually the easiest opportunity to visit the monastery for the first time.

There's always a bunch of friendly Buddhist around at these occasions, who can show or explain to you if you're not quite sure what's happening, or what to do.

Even if you've never been to any Buddhist monastery ever, please don't feel shy, grab some food to bring and share, and just drop in at 10.00 am 🌞

An experienced senior monk is available for a talk and discussion after the meal, usually at 11:50 am

There is a microwave and oven for heating, but otherwise dishes should be pre-prepared ready to eat, as the monks take the food into their bowls to be eaten immediately



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