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A Mitsubishi Triton Ute has been Offered by a Generous Donor - No Further Donations are Required

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

We no longer require further donations for a new monastery car, as a geneorus donor family (who prefer their name not being mentioned) have just offered a 2018 Mitsubishi Triton Exceed Double Cab Ute to Dhammagiri, with an approximate market value of $40k+

This car is a Ute, not a people mover. However, it offers sufficient space for 2 adults in the back seats, plus the very comfortable front & driver seats. We had a test drive, and three 190cm+ tall monks were travelling fine and comfortably.

The vehicle is in very good shape, and has many extras like tow bar, front hoist, roof luggage storage bars, bull bar, heated leather seats, easy switch from 2W to 4W drive, differentials can be easily locked as well, side steps for easy entry, and nice white colour.

We decided to use this car for the time being, as it fulfills our most urgents needs, and is available immediately, saving us further trouble in finding and buying a car either in a very tight second hand market, or lese with very long waiting times for new cars due to global supply chain issues.

We'll see how we're going with this Ute, and if we come to the conclusion that a people mover would be better, we may sell in a year's time and use the funds to buy a people mover. The kind donor explicitely mentioned that he would be happy for us to do so. We continue to investigate other options, but if the Ute turns out to work fine for most of our needs, we will simply keep it, and perhaps hire a people mover or use volunteers for the few occasion the Ute will not suffice.

By a curious coincidence, this $40k car was offered on the eve of Ajahn Moneyyo's 40th birthday, the day his mother had just arrived at the monastery, and only a week after we first mentioned the monastery's need for a new vehicle!

We extend our heartfelt anumodanā to the dedicated Buddhist family who donated this high quality vehicle so generously.

We also express our anumodanā to all those who have generously contributed towards the new car at the robe offering ceremony. We will use these donations for insurance, rego and maintenance needs of the Triton, so that the funds are still used occording to intentions of donors.



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