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Sanchi Stupa Gate in Berlin City Center

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

To my great surprise, they have erected a copy of the Eastern Gateway ('Torana') of Sanchi Stupa, India, right in the very city centre of Berlin!

Sanchi Stupa is one of the oldest, and the best preserved, Buddhist stupa in India. It was built in 3rd to 2nd century BCE, although the gates and other details were added later. This is a copy of the eastern gate, dating originally from the 2nd century CE. Old plaster casts of the original, originally done by British researchers, were still existing in Berlin's Museum for Asian art.

They were scanned in 3-D and in CAD technology copied by robots. However, the final work in sculpting the intricate artistic details was done by a team of German and Indian sculptors. The scenes are depicting various episodes of the life of the Buddha, King Asoka worshipping the Bodhi Tree, Symbols for the 7 Buddhas which have arisen in the last 91 Aeons, Tree Devatas, various animals, mythological beings, ornaments etc.

I'm thrilled that such an important, beautiful and meaningful Buddhist monument is displayed so prominently smack in the centre of Berlin: Right next to the rebuilt City Palace ('Stadtschloss') of the Prussian Kings/German Emporers, opposite Lustgarten, Berlin Cathedral, Old Museum & National Gallery; with the iconic Television Tower near by.

May the gate arouse interest in many tourists and local Berliners, so that they learn about the Buddha and his teachings!


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