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Dhammagiri One Day Full Moon Retreats

Updated: May 1

Venerable Bhante Dhammasiha Shrine Incense Buddha Puja

Our One Day Retreat Programs, on Sundays closest to the Full Moon, feature:

08:30 am

Arrival of participants at Dhammahall

Silent Meditation

09:00 am

Morning Chanting (Pali & English)

Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem

Observance of 8 precepts or 5 precepts

Short Guided Meditation

10:00 am

Preparation of food for Almsoffering

10:30 am

Almsoffering, Blessing & Shared Meal

11:50 am

Dhamma Talk / Discussion

01:30 pm

Sutta Recitation and Silent Meditation

03:00 pm

Evening Chanting

Guided/Silent Meditation

Short Walking Meditation

Dhamma Reflection

  • The ceremony at 9.00 am is not just for those observing 8 precepts. If you prefer, there's also the option of taking 5 precepts

  • It is possible to attend only parts of the program, but please be seated in the Dhammahall at least 15 mins before start of sessions.

  • Out of condideration to those who meditate all day, please observe noble silence near the Dhammahall on Full Moon Retreat Days


Future Dates for One Day Full Moon Retreats​​​​​​​

26 May

Vesak / Buddha Day / Birth, Enlightenment & Parinibbana of the Buddha

30 June

With Ajahn Amaro, abbot of Amaravati Monastery, London

21 July

Asalha / Entry to Rains Retreat / Dhamma Day


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