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Rains Retreat ('Vassa' ) 2022

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The coming full moon, Āsāḷhā, marks the beginning of the yearly Rains Retreat ('Vassa'). For 3 months, from the full moon of July to the full moon in October, the monks settle down for a period of intensified meditation practice. (This year, from Thursday 14 July until Mon 10 October). They are not allowed to travel during this time (with some emergency exceptions), and all energy is devoted to cultivate bhāvanā. Here at Dhammagiri, we stop all external development projects like building & maintenance work during this time.

This year, we have four monks spending the rains at Dhammagiri:

Ajahn Dhammasīha - 27th vassa

Ajahn Moneyyo - 11th vassa

Ajahn Pasāda - 10th vassa (from Czech Republic, ordained in Sri Lanka)

Ven Niddaro - 5th vassa (from Mexico, ordained at Amaravati)

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