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Bhante Jinaratana at Dhammagiri 06 to 15 April - Pics, Podcasts & Youtube Links

Updated: Apr 23

Ven Jinaratana Thera's Dhamma Talks / Discussions at Dhammagiri:

Bhante Jinaratana Pics

Buddhist Monk Meditating on Mountain Top Dhammagiri

Buddha Bathing Ceremony Thai New Year Songkran


Bhante Jinaratana at Dhammagiri Forest Tradition Na Uyana

Venerable Jinaratana Thera was born in Toronto, Canada. He became interested in meditation as a student at the University of Toronto, and began attending intensive retreats in 2002. After graduating with an H.B.Sc. (neuroscience, mathematics) in 2004, he taught English for a year in Nanning, P.R.C. Desiring to ordain, but without knowing a suitable place to do so, he travelled to Brisbane Australia and completed a Graduate Diploma in Education in 2008 at the Queensland University of Technology. During that time he had the opportunity to stay for an extended period at Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage as eight-precept meditator. The guidance he received there helped him to gain the confidence to finally ordain.

Bhante Jinaratana received novice ordination at Na Uyana Forest Monastery in Sri Lanka in July 2011, and higher ordination in June 2012 (Na Uyana is the main monastery of the Shri Kalyani forest tradition, the same lineage where Ajahn Dhammasiha originally ordained). Most Venerable Na Uyane Ariyadhamma Mahāthera was the preceptor for both ceremonies. From 2019-2021 he stayed at Pa Auk Monastery, Pyin Oo Lwin Myanmar, meditating under the guidance of Sayadaw U Kumārabhivaṃsa and Most Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw Āciṇṇa. He currently resides at Dhamsuwa Forest Monastery, Melbourne.

Bhante has kindly accepted our invitation to visit Dhammagiri for 10 days.

Bhante Jinaratana lead the Dhamma Discussion after the meal on Saturday 13 April, 11.50 am,

and on Sunday 14 April, 11.50 am.

We're happy we had him here to share blessings with our community on occasion of Sri Lankan, Thai and Myanmar 🐲 New Year 🐉 on the weekend 13 & 14 April ✨💦


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