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Bhante Jinaratana Thera staying at Dhammagiri 10/05 to 18/07

Updated: Oct 27

Bhante Jinaratana Thero Venerable Monk Sri Kalani Galduwa Na Uyana Lineage

Ven Jinaratana Thera, who first came to Dhammagiri as a lay person (Jeff Watts), now a senior Monk, is staying at Dhammagiri from 10/05 to 18/07.

Originally from Canada, he was ordained in Sri Lanka at Na Uyana Aranya in the Sri Kalyani group of Forest Monasteries, and has now completed 12 vassa as a monk.

Currently, he lives at Dhamsuwa Monastery near Melbourne, helping to establish a branch of the Sri Kalyani/Na Uyana lineage in Australia.

He will be available for some Dhamma discussions after the meal.

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