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Vesak Day 2024 - New Photos & Dhammatalks

Updated: Jun 2

Here the new Vesak Day 2024 Dhammatalks to commemorate and celebrate three main events in the Buddha's life, all of them occurring on the Full Moon of May and a photo gallery of the event:

Click here to see the photos:

1. Birth of the Bodhisatta

In beautiful Lumbini Grove under Sāl trees ('shorea robusta'), with his mother Mahāmāyā standing and holding on to the branch of an Ashoka tree ('saraca asoca'), and the newborn Bodhisatta pacing 7 steps to the North.

2. Supreme Awakening ('Sammāsambodhi')

Meditating all night, seated on the Vajirāsana ('Diamond Throne' - actually several sheafs of kusa grass offered to the Buddha which he used as his seat ), facing east to the rising sun, under the Bodhi Tree ('Ficus Religiosa') at Uruvela/Bodhgaya near the banks of Nerañjana River

3. Great Final Nibbāna ('Parinibbāna')

Lying on his right side in the Lion's posture, facing West to the setting sun, between the Twin Sāla Trees near Kusināra in the grove of the Mallas.



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