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Visit by Ajahn Suthanai Dhaniyo ('Ajahn X') 20-26 February 2022

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

🔶 Audio Podcast with Ajahn Dhaniyo sharing his experience of living and training with Luang Por Liem is now available on 'Dhammagiri Buddhist Podcasts':

Ajahn Suthanai Dhaniyo ("Ajahn X") will visit Dhammagiri from

the evening of 20 February until the afternoon of 26 February.

Ajahn Dhaniyo is Thai with 18 vassa and ordained by and lived with Luang Por Liem at Wat Nong Pah Pong. He spent the last 3 vassas with Luang Por Kalyano and Ajahn Nyanadipo at Buddha Bodhivana and Bodhipala monasteries. Ajahn has aquired excellent skills as a builder from his teacher, Luang Por Liem, and has built two 'Kuá¹­is' (meditation cabins) during his stay in Australia at Bodhivana and Bodhipala, and worked on various development projects for these monasteries. He speaks good English.

Ajahn Dhaniyo has previously visited Dhammagiri for our Robe Offering Ceremony in November 2019.

He will be here for the almsoffering 10.30 am on Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd, Thursday 24th, and on Saturday 26th for 7.30 am precepts and almsoffering at 10.30 am.

On Wed 23rd the monks will not be at Dhammagiri for almsoffering, as we're planning a picnic dana at New Farm Park at 10.30 am for anyone who would like to join. Please arrive by 10:00am for set up.

On Friday 25th February there will be an early dana at 07.00 am with offering of sandwiches/picnic food, which the monks will then take along with them on a major nature outing for the whole day. 🌄

Dhammagiri is very lucky that Ajahn Dhaniyo is able to visit us, shortly before he leaves for Thailand in March. Anumodanā to Luang Por Kalyano for sharing an experienced senior monk with us during the Magha Season .

Ajahn Suthanai Dhaniyo visiting Dhammagiri in 2019.



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