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Ajahn Moneyyo in Sri Lanka 18 March to 11 May

Updated: Apr 29

Ajahn Moneyyo Sri Lanka Tanjantenne Bhaddekaratta Vihara

Ajahn Moneyyo has never been to Sri Lanka. He is enjoying his visit to the island of serendipity, which has played such a crucial role in preserving the Theravada tradition for more than two millennia. Singhalese culture has maintained it's Therevada Buddhist heart for more than 2,200 years, despite all vicissitudes of war and occupation and colonization.

While all of India first became mostly Mahayana & Vajrayana, and finally lost the Sāsanā completely, the island of Lanka kept the beacon of Dhamma shining. Ajahn Moneyyo is happy to finally experience that Buddhist culture first hand in the country itself.

Ajahn Moneyyo's itinerary in Sri Lanka:

  • 27th to 29th April Visit Bhante Amatasiri

  • 29th April to 6th May (?) Springhill monastery (Ulpathkanda) On one day during his stay near Kandy, he hopes to visit the Temple of the sacred tooth, and 'Forest Hermitage' in Udawatta Kele Forest Reserve

  • 06th May to 10th May Staying at Kaludiya Pokuna near Mihinthale and visiting Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa

  • 10th May Returning to Colombo airport. On the way visit and pay respects to the Relics of Ven. Sariputta and Ven. Maha Moggallana at the Maha Bodhi Society of Sri Lanka (only about 30 km from the airport).

  • Sat 11 May Arrival Brisbane BNE 19.30 (7.30pm), Singapore Airlines from Singapore

We celebrate his return by starting free distribution of 2nd batch of our Dhammagiri t-shirt on that weekend 😊

Details see here.

Bodhi Tree Buddha Statue Sri Lanka Kalugala Aranya



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