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Pics, Podcast & Video Robe Offering Ceremony Dhammagiri Now Available

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Full Ceremony on Video:


Dhamma Talk Podcast Audio:


Paritta Chanting Podcast Audio:


Pics Robe Offering Ceremony:

Robe Offering Pah Bah Kathina Month Dhammagiri Visiting Monks


Pics Outing Koala Sanctuary:

Anumodanā to everyone who's supported our outing to a Koala sanctuary with Ajahn Den Atthakāro on Monday 😊

🐨 🐍 🦘

Ajahn thoroughly enjoyed exploring the unique Aussie fauna

Buddhist Monks holding Koala


The Kaṭhina season is traditionally the time when both lay community and monastic sangha cooperate in a grand ceremony meant to mark the end of the yearly retreat period. It is long considered as one of the most auspicious times in the year to make merit ('puñña' = good karma), when the laity present robes and other requisites to the Sangha in a joyful spirit, full of appreciation for the monks resolute striving in their meditation during the rains retreat. For this years Robe Offering Ceremony we have invited monks from Buddha Bodhivana Monastery, Warburton near Melbourne, Bodhisaddha Monastery, Wilton near Sydney and Bodhipala monastery near Adelaide.

For the first time, dedicated supporters from our Indian & Bangladeshi community will be leading the proceedings.

All financial donations on that day will be dedicated to new shower facilities at the monks kutis.

(Of course, one can also donate already now by clicking on picture below and choosing any of the payment options available on the donations page of our website. Please indicate 'Shower Facilites' with your donation, if you like them dedicated to for this purpose)

Pha Ba Kathina Robe Offering Dhammagiri Shower Facilities Buddhist Monks

Sunday 19 November

Robe Offering at Dhammagiri:

09.30 am

Arrival of Participants,

Preparing food for Almsoffering

10.15 am

Almsround & Shared Meal

11.45 am

Triple Refuge & 5 Precepts

Robe Offering Ceremony

Anumodanā & Blessing

Invitation to Teach Dhamma


Formal Request to Recite Paritta

Invitation to Devatā

Paritta Chanting by Sangha

02.00 pm

End of Program

(Note there will be no 3:00 pm Meditation session)

The Event will be livestreamed on our Youtube Channel


Ajahn Saengchai Ratananyano Dhammagiri Kathina Month

Saturday 18 November

Program with Ajahn Den & Ajahn Saengchai

07.30 am

Morning Chanting

Triple Refuge & Precepts Ceremony

Silent Meditation

With Ajahn Den Atthakaro

09.30 am

Break/Walking Meditation

10.00 am

Preparing for Almsoffering

10.30 am

Almsoffering & Shared Meal

11.50 am

Dhamma Discussion

With Ajahn Saengchai Ratananyana

01.00 pm

End of Program


Monday 20 November

No Monks at Dhammagiri!

We're taking Ajahn Den on an all-day outing.

There will be no meal offering at 10.30 am at the monastery, as the monks are out with Ajahn Den


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