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Pics & Video & Podcast of Robe Offering Ceremony now Available

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Inspiring images of our Robe Offering Event are now uploaded on our website

(click on image to see more pics of the Robe Offering Event)

Big anumodanā to the 150 people who still came out in the heavy weather last Sunday!

Although it was raining buckets all the time, we all had a fantastic time with our hearts 💖 bright and radiant 🌞 with joy in the Dhamma 😊


The video of our Robe Offering Ceremony turned out fine as well:

In the description of the video above, I've put timestamps for all the different parts, so you can navigate easily, e.g. jumping straight to Luang Por Kalyano's Dhamma Talk, or straight to the Paritta Chanting.

The headings of all the different parts area also quite educational. You can see and learn about all the various activities happening during robe offering.

Note that this is not a formal 'Kaṭhina'. We're doing the version if less than 5 monks have stayed during vassa, called:

'Offering of Forest Cloth'

Pāli: 'Paṃsukūla-Cīvara'

Thai:' Pah Bah' / 'Paba' / 'Pha Ba'


The Paritta Chanting is already up on our podcast, available on the various podcasting apps and platforms.

Paritta Chanting Recitation Auspicious Protection Dhammagiri Robe Offering with Luang Por Kalyana Ajahn Dhammasiha

This is a higher quality recording than the youtube version of the Paritta. The podcast audio is in true stereo, and captures the voices of all eight monks chanting.

In the description of this podcast episode, I've added times for the various chants included in the paritta, and also the page numbers in the Amaravati chanting book.


Luang Por Kalyano's Dhamma Talk at the Robe Offering Ceremony is now on the podcast as well:

Ven Ajahn Kalyano Robe Offering Ceremony Dhammagiri Dhamma Talk Brisbane Queensland

😒 ➡ 🎧 🔊 ➡ 😊


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