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Now Three Video Live Streams every Weekend from Dhammagiri

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

With our new set-up, we intend to regularly stream three live casts every weekend:

Morning Chanting, Refuge and Precepts Ceremony at Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage Live Stream

1. Saturday Morning 7.30 am

Morning Chanting, Refuge & Precepts Ceremony, Q&A on Meditation


Dhamma Talk and Discussion Sunday Noon at Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage Video Live Stream

Sunday Noon 12.00 pm Dhamma Talk / Discussion


Sunday Afternoon 03.00 pm Evening Chanting, Guided/Silent Meditation, Dhamma Reflection


The streams appear on our Youtube Channel here:


Here are examples of recorded live streams from last full moon weekend, 2nd and 3rd April, that you can check out what you're getting yourself into 😉


We usually make the Sunday Noon stream available later, with some editing

But only some of the Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon streams will later be published. They're mostly meant for those who like to join chanting/precepts/meditation live.



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