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Almsround Starting at 10.30 am Sharp

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Currently, Dhammagiri is running at full capacity with 4 monks, 3 male guests, and 2 female guests (= 9 persons resident).

At the same time, solar noon in Brisbane occurs at 11.37 am. Which means the monks and 8-preceptors must have finished their meal by 11.30 am. This leaves only one hour for almsround, offering and taking food from buffet, sangha dāna, anumodanā & blessing, and finishing the meal.

With nine residents eating here, it's therefore really important

to start our almsround at 10.30 am sharp.


Otherwise, there won't be enough time to eat the meal mindfully.

Almsround Venerable Ajahn Dhammasiha Dhammagiri Dana Buddhist Offering Food

We encourage everyone to arrive at Dhammagiri by 10.00 am


That allows everyone enough time for preparations, so that we can begin the almsround by 10.30 am latest.

(Yes, I'm aware that I'm myself also guilty 😳 of being a bit late at times, when getting stuck in the office - promise to do better myself)

Alms Offering Dana Pindapata Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage Brisbane Australia

Thank you for your understanding, and I'm confident everyone will benefit if we can do the joyful act of dāna, merit sharing, anumodanā & blessing without time pressure.

Ajahn Moneyyo Offering of Almsfood to Sangha at Dhammagiri Joy Generosity Happiness



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