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Buddhist Chanting Dhammagiri - Playlist of Most Popular Chants

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Buddhist Pali Evening Chanting Recitation Sutta Reflections Podcast Audio Playlist

By now we have close to 300 podcasts published, and it may not be so easy to find the chanting

audio that you're looking for. To make it easy, below are links to the all the chanting we do at our

regular sessions, plus a few of our more popular recitations. Just click on the picture, and it will get you to the Spotify link.

Under the picture are also links to Apple Podcasts & Castbox, if you prefer

to listen on those apps:


Evening Chanting Link spotify playlist Dhammagiri Buddhist Podcasts

This is a nice new stereo recording. If you use good over-the-ear headphones,

or decent speakers with 'surround sound' enabled,

you will get quite an immersive experience.

A bit as if you're actually right here in front of our main shrine 😉

Dhammagiri Evening Buddhist Chanting Audio Link to Spotify

Evening Buddha Puja Link to Spotify


Verses of Sharing Merit Good Karma and Aspiration

Nice new stereo recording

🔊 👂 😊 👂 🔊

including paying respects to Triple Gem at the end.

Buddhism Sharing Good Karma with All Beings

Audio Link Buddhist Sharing of Merits Chanting


Morning Buddha Puja Chanting Triple Refuge Ceremony Ajahn Dhammasiha

🙂 By the way, this is the most popular of all our podcasts 🙆‍♂️

Link Spotify Buddhist Morning Chanting Tisarana Precepts Ceremony Audio

Audio Link Podcast Dhammagiri Buddhist Refuge Precepts Ceremony

Audio Link Buddha Refuge Ritual Vow Taking


Blessing Anumodana Pali Buddhist Ceremony Ajahn Dhammasiha Sharing Good Karma

🔆 This is an extended blessing, adding the Bojjhanga-Verses for Good Health,

the recollection of 6 previous Buddhas for warding off misfortune,

and the Universal-Fortune-Blessing at the end 🔆

Link Blessing Anumodana Dhammagiri Buddhist Podcasts

Link Anumodana Blessing Dhammagiri Buddhist Podcasts

Buddhist Blessing Anumodana Link Dhammagiri Podcast


Paritta Pirith Buddhist Recitation Chanting Dhammagiri Pali

Paritta Chanting Link

Paritta Chanting Podcast Link

Paritta Recitation Link Dhammagiri Buddhist Podcasts


Buddhist Pali Chanting Recitation Dhammagiri Ajahn Dhammasiha Canda Paritta Moon Protection Pirith

Live recording of our chanting at the Bodhi Tree,

during the actual lunar eclipse on Vesak Full Moon 2021

Link Canda Paritta Pirith Dhammagiri Buddhist Recitation

Link Dhammagiri Buddhist Podcasts Canda Paritta

Dhammagiri Buddhist Podcasts Link Canda Moon pirith


Dhammacakkappavattana Buddha's First Sermon Discourse Teaching Pali Chanting Dhammagiri Recitation

Nice new stereo recording

🔊 👂 😊 👂 🔊

Dhammacakkappavattana Setting in Motion the Dharma Wheel Link Chanting

Dhammacakka Pali Recitation Dhammagiri Podcasts Link

First Discourse of the Buddha Pali Chanting Recitation Dhammagiri Link


🔥 N E W 💡

Anattalakkhana Sutta Not Self Characteristic 2nd Teaching of Buddha pali chanting link

Pali Sutta Chanting Recitation Link Dhammagiri Buddhist Monastery

Buddhist Discourse Recitation in Pali 2nd Teaching of Buddha Link

Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage Brisbane Sutta Chanting Anattalakkhana Discourse Link


Fire Sermon, Adittapariyaya Sutta, Chanting, Link, Pali Recitation, Dhammagiri, Buddha's Third Teaching

Nice new stereo recording

🔊 👂 😊 👂 🔊

Pali Chanting, Buddhism, Buddha 3rd Teaching, Dhammagiri, Buddhist Recitation

Pali Chanting, Buddhist Recitation, Third Discourse of Buddha, Dhammagiri, Ajahn Moneyyo, Forest Tradition

Chanting, Recitiation, Pali, Link, Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha,


Mahasamaya Sutta Pali Recitation Chanting Dhammagiri Ajahn Moneyyo

Used to be the most popular of our podcasts for a long time. Only recently,

the 'Morning Chanting & Precepts Ceremony' got even more listens.

Mahasamaya Sutta Recitation Ajahn Moneyyo Dhammagiri Link Podcast

Pali Recitation Mahasamaya Sutta Digha Nikaya Devas Visit Buddha Link Podcast

Great Occasion Gathering Devas visit Buddha Link Pali Podcast Dhammgiri


Ajahn Dhammasiha Dvayatanupassana Contemplation of Pairs Suttanipata Pali Chanting Recitation Dhammagiri Duality Dualities

One of Ajahn Dhammasiha's favourite Suttas.

An exposition of Dependent Origination in beautiful verse

Ajahn Dhammasiha Suttanipata Chanting Link Podcast Dualities Contemplation of Pairs

Dvayatanupassana Ajahn Dhammasiha Suttanipata Pali Recitation Chanting Dhammagiri Podcast Link

Ajahn Dhammasiha Podcast Link Contemplation of Pairs Dualities Suttanipata Pali Chanting Recitation


We've also created a playlist of all the chanting tracks above on Spotify.

If you've got the Spotify app, just click on image below, and you get there.


We intend to publish more collections in the future.

For example, all of our Guided Meditations, or a collection of Sutta Readings/Exploration.

They will also be published here on the Audio Page of our website, and as playlists on Spotify.

However, you can always find what you're looking for already now, by just using the search function of any of the podcast apps you're using.

For example, if you're looking for our Guided Meditations, type "Guided Meditation Dhammagiri" into the search of your podcast app, and you will get a neat list.

Hope you enjoy the chanting! 🔉 👂 😊



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